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Clinical Supervision

 Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision offers clinicians pursuing certification and licensure the opportunity to expand their skill sets.  Individual and group supervision sessions provide clinicians the opportunity to gain insight and receive feedback on counseling skills through case consultation and monitoring of sessions.

Clinicians will become proficient in the 12 Core Functions of a Substance Abuse Counselor:

1.     Screening

2.     Intake

3.     Orientation

4.     Assessment

5.     Treatment Planning

6.     Counseling

7.     Case Management

8.     Crisis Intervention

9.     Client Education

10.  Referral

11.  Report and Record Keeping

12.  Consultation With Other Professionals


Clinicians seeking supervision for their CSAC and LCAS certifications should contact Kate Hayes at 704-705-4550 ext. 3 or by email at katehayes@charlottetherapyassociates.com

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